The DCC-150E receives an off-air 8VSB, brings the bit stream down to base-band Transport Stream (TS), and remodulates to an 8VSB RF. An RF output is frequency agile with output level adjustment capability.

8VSB Digital Processor Model No: DCC-150E

  • 8VSB Modulator (meets ATSC A53 spec)

  • Inputs: 8VSB Off-Air (Frequency Agile), SMPTE-310M, DVB-ASI

  • Outputs: 8VSB R.F. (Frequency Agile), SMPTE-310M, DVB-ASI

  • No Precorrection

  • User can modify the PSIP VCT

  • VCT Modification Includes:

        Major Channel #

        Minor Channel #

        Station ID

        Transport Stream ID

  • 1U 19” Rack Mountable