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The Xtreme-2000 series is an 8VSB translator.  An 8VSB off-air signal is received, demodulated, and re-modulated into a new 8VSB RF signal.  The output power levels are optional at 30W and 100W outputs.

Broadcast Digital 8VSB Translator Model No: Xtreme-2000


  • CH 2~69 RF input  (Frequency Agile)
  • CH 14~69 RF output (Frequency Agile)
  • PSIP Modification
  • Automatic Linear Pre-correction
  • Automatic Nonlinear Pre-Correction
  • 8 pole Band-Pass MASK Filter
  • All Band (UHF) Amplifier
  • All Band (UHF) Agile Channel Selector
  • VHF Fixed Available upon Request


  • Inputs: GPS 1PPS (option - GPS)
  • PSIP modifications
  • U.S. Patent Nos: 6,785,903, 7,487,533, 7,761,893, 7,984,469