Frequently Ask Questions About DVM-150E

On Power Meter, what does it mean?

The power meter measures a relative power and indicates in number of bars. 0 bar means that there is no signal. 6 bars mean that there is high power signal present at the RF input port.

It is recommended to set the RF power level between 3 bars and 5 bars. If too much power is present, then add 10 or 20 dB attenuator. If too small power is present, then add an LNA amplifier to increase power level.

On BER, what does it mean?

The BER measures bit error rate. 1E-6 means 1 bit error that has occurred over 1 million bits.

1E-8 means 1 bit error that has occurred over 100 million bits.

On SNR, what does it mean

The SNR measures Signal-to-Noise Ratio in dB after digital matched filtering operation inside the demodulator. For 8VSB, we consider any number greater than 20 dB is a good set up.

If SNR is less than 20 dB, then the unit is seeing too much noise, co-channel interference, or adjacent channel interference. If the noise is the issue, then add an LNA amplifier to increase power level. If co-channel interference is the issue, adjust antenna pointing to find a working case.

My picture is breaking…. What do I do?

Check the power level, SNR, BER using the front panel menu keys. There is SNR/BER
select menu. This option will show Power Level, SNR or BER on the front panel.


  • Make sure that not too much power is being inserted at the RF input port.

  • If too hot, reduce the RF signal by 10 dB, or until you have a good signal input (-65dBm recommended)

  • The Power level is good. But SNR is Bad. This means you may have Co-Channel Interference.

  • Power level is good. SNR is good. BER is good. This should be normal mode of operation. Picture should not break at this time.But, if picture still breaks, then you have too much channel multi-path.

  • Adjust antenna orientation.

  • Power level is bad, SNR is bad, BER is bad. Increase power level by adjusting antenna or use an LNA to increase power

I am using DVM-150E to receive HD off-air. But, sometimes, the local broadcaster goes off the air and does not know it. For cable guys like us, we need a back up plan. What do we do?

The DVM-150E is equipped with a contact relay to indicate that the 8VSB digital off-air signal or any of its input signals has gone bad. However, this option is not shipped with the unit since everyone does not need this option. Contact factory to receive the RELAY option.

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