June 13, 2013​
Ktech launches a Multi-Channel HD/SD Encoder with 8-VSB Modulator


April 17, 2013​
Ktech introduces the DCC-4300 IP to Multiple ASI converter


Apr 12, 2010
Ktech Develops an 8VSB SFN Distributed Translator Technology​

Feb 3, 2009
Ktech receives 2nd US patent on PSIP Technology


April 7, 2008
Ktech Introduces Active Format Descriptor (AFD) module


April 7, 2008
Ktech Introduces an SD Encoder module for DVM150E

​April 7, 2008
Ktech Introduces a BTSC Generator module for DVM150E

​Mar 20, 2007
Ktech Introduces an NTIA D2A Automated Test Equipment

​Mar 20, 2007
8-VSB Exciter for DTV Transmitter/Translator

Mar 20, 2007
KBEH-TV Selects KTech's Digital Modulator/Exciter

Mar 20, 2007
KLSR-TV Selects KTech's Digital Modulator/Exciter

Apr 21, 2006
KTech Introduces a QAM-to-GigE Converter Product

​Apr 21, 2006
KTech Introduces a GigE-to-HDSDI Decoder Product

​Apr 21, 2006
KTech Introduces an HDV-to-ASI Converter Product


​Oct 26, 2005
KTech Introduces an IP Gateway Product

​Aug 15, 2005
KTech Introduces Multi-Channel ASI Decoders

June 15, 2005
KTech Introduces an ASI Distribution Amplifier Product

​April 14, 2005
KTech Introduces Single Channel IP Decoders

April 14, 2005
KTech introduces HPA Series Digital Transmitters 30 Kilowatt UHF Digital Television Transmitter


April 14, 2005
KTech Telecom Receives the First FCC Type Certification for DTV Translator

April 14, 2005
KTech Launches 40 Channel High Density GigE IP Decoder

October 12, 2004
KTech received U.S. Patent on PSIP Update Technology

March 1, 2004
KTech Launchs a new HD/SD Decoder Product: DVM-150E

January 25, 2004
KTech to demo PSIP MUX at the NCTC show Jan, 2004

December 5, 2003​
KTech​ ​​signs an 8VSB Translator Test Program contract with Idaho Public TV​​

May 6, 2003
KTech to demo digital program inserter at the cable-Tec 2003

April 29, 2003
KTech Introduces Demultiplexer

March 31, 2003
KTech Unveils Distributed DTV Transmissions and Regenerative DTV Translator Technologies

February 24, 2003
KTech Announces DTV Translator Testing Program

November 15, 2002
WMGM-TV Selects KTech's 250W DTV Transmitter

November 15, 2002
Warner Brothers Television Network Selects KTech's Integrated Receiver Decoder for all of it's TV Station.

November 1, 2002
KTech Introduces An 8-VSB Dual Channel Receiver

October 31, 2002
KTech Introduces a Multiplexer

October 7, 2002
KTech Intoduces IEEE-1394 Firewire Output Option on its 8-VSB to ASI/SMPTE-310M Converter

June 26, 2002
Tribune Broadcasting Selects KTech's IRD (Integrated Receiver Decoder) For All of Its TV Station