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The FRQ-3000 is a TS Multi-Tasker with a program Demux and PSIP insertion/modification capability.

TS Multi-Tasker Model No: FRQ-3000

  • Supports 2 independent 8-VSB input signals

  • Supports 2 independent ASI input/output signals

  • Supports 1 SMPTE-310M input/output

  • option for QPSK tuner input

  • PCR Correction

  • Fail-over/Fail-back

  • Modify the PSIP VCT for each independent 8-VSB input

  • Generate Static PSIP, if input stream has no PSIP tables

  • Standby Video Message upon loss of input signal

  • PSIP Modification

  • Control via GUI on RJ-45 or Front Panel Interface

  • Loss of Transport Stream Alarm

  • 1U 19” Rack Mountable