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White Papers

This section includes technical papers on 8VSB SFN translator, receiver/demod reception and DTV on-channel boosters specific to Ktech's solutions and products.

An 8VSB SFN Distributed Translator System

by S Kuh

Presented during the NAB 2010 Broadcast Engineering Conference on Apr 12, 2010, this paper discusses implementation of an 8VSB SFN DTV Translator System.

DTV Translator Implementation

by S Kuh

Presented during the National Translator Association Convention on May 5, 2007, this paper discusses implementation of DTV Translators in the USA. Grant information from US Department of Commence (NTIA) is also provided.

Off-Air Reception of 8-VSB Signal for Digital CATV

by S Kuh

In today’s analog and DTV simulcast broadcast environment, there is an increasing demand for reception of Off-Air 8VSB signals by CATV Head-End users. This paper describes details about 8VSB reception, channel characteristics, and receiver performance requirements.  Understanding of multipath channel and understanding of 8VSB reception is a key for a successful deployment of HDTV service by CATV Head-Ends.

Digital On-Channel Booster for 8VSB

by S Kuh

There are many reasons to implement a DTV transmission system with DTV translators by broadcasters. In most cases, a translator system is implemented to enhance the DTV signal coverage that is limited by shadowing, multipath interference, and power. This paper reviews DTV translator technologies, discusses concerns and issues faced by today’s DTV broadcasters, and proposes a new 8-VSB Digital On-Channel translator concept.

A Revenue Opportunity for Digital Translators

by A Hwang and S Kuh

TV Translators are the best way to provide the free over-the-air television services to rural households located in areas with geographic barriers. However, the current transition to Digital TV (DTV) may take a long time due to higher cost of ownership for both DTV Translator operators and the rural viewers. This paper proposes a possible business model for DTV Translator operators.

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