Ktech believes that superb service to our customers is the best way to maintain good relationships. We go the extra mile to help our customers as the new digital transition continues for DTV Broadcasters and Digital CATV Head-End Operators. Our products are developed and upgraded constantly to provide solutions and solve problems.​

Since 1995, Ktech has been developing 8VSB signal processors, modulators, and MPEG2 products.  Due to its early involvement in 8VSB, we are quick to adapt to changing specifications and fast moving technologies. We make one small solid step at a time to build new products based on our proven experience.

Ktech will be continuing to develop cost effective DTV Translators and On-Channel Booster Products.  Ktech is engaged in Translator Test Projects since 2003. Ktech expects to gain field experience, partner with proven vendors, integrate new technologies and provide cost effective solutions to DTV broadcasters.  

Ktech will be continuing to develop new products required for Digital Cable Head-End operators. With our US Patented technologies in PSIP, digital Cable Operators will enjoy technical solutions provided by Ktech in processing 8VSB off-air signals.