DVM-3300 QUAD 8VSB to GigE

The DVM-3300 is an IP Gateway product that performs the following: Quad 8VSB/QAM RF to GigE Conversion w DEMUX function Housed in a 1RU chassis, the unit takes in the 8VSB RF input or 64/256QAM RF input (4CH max) and converts the MPEG2 TS from each of the RF channels into MPTSs in GigE output. User has an option of selecting unique programs contained in the Quad 8VSB channels and sending only the selected programs on the GigE output. Supports SNMP, FTP, HTTP, and Multiple MPTSs/UPDs/SPTSs.

  • 8VSB/QAM RF to GigE Conversion
  • GigE Fiber Optic
  • Video over IP
  • MPEG2 over IP
  • All Digital Simulcast CATV Head-End
  • GigE Transport

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